stop vaping logoWelcome to STOP VAPING, ecigarette addiction forum. Using e-cigarettes & e-Juice may be a great temporary alternative to smoking tobacco. Although no long term tests have been carried out and various parties have different opinions, vaping is seen to be safer than tobacco and is destined to become more popular as cigarette prices increase. More people are turning on to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes whilst seemingly safer still contain nicotine, a highly addictive drug. We will be looking into various ways to quite vaping so that you have a completely free day, and wont need to even rely on vape addiction. Remember how you feel when your battery is dead, you run out of E-juice or leave your Ecigarette at home! Why be tied to the E-cig. You have stopped smoking, now its time for the next step!!!

With help from us and guidance, we can offer various ways to cut down and quit vaping altogether!


We are currently putting a very simple program together that anybody can work. The most important thing is to admit you would be happier vape addiction free, make a decision to stop and then, well……. we will tlk bout the next steps in the not to distant!!

Watch this space!